10 Years in the Making

Well, surprise, surprise, surprise! The information that led to the hit on Osama Bin Laden was the result of water boarding and secret prisons. All of that happened under George W Bush under policies that both then Senators Obama and Biden said don’t work. Oops. I wonder if Andrew Sullivan will stop celebrating now.

It’s also interesting to know that the president had OBL’s address way back in August of last year and waited until this week to execute the operation. Well, at least it finally got done, Congrats to our military and the CIA for their hard work. It may have taken ten years and billions of dollars, but that’s one major terrorist out of the picture.

The problem is, Osama was more of a figure head than the brains of Al Qaeda. The man they really need to find is the guy they rightfully call #2. Ayman al-Zawahri. He mentored Osama, he has been at this longer and he is reputed to actually be the brains behind the outfit. He is also considered even harsher than Obama. There is also a concern that now Al Qaeda will retaliate. We’ll see how badly we hurt them or if they are still able to hit back with force.

If we do have terrorist incidents after this, it will be a true test of President Obama’s leadership. He’s riding high after this incident but it will be a memory this time next year and there will be bigger things concerning people like the economy, gas prices, all of which aren’t showing real improvement. If you add terrorism to that mix, it will hurt the economy even more and we’ll see how that plays out.

UPDATE: Obama has gotten no bump in the polls. So far anyway. Maybe people feel, rightfully, it was the collective effort of our military and Bush/Cheney’s hard work that led to this. Certainly Obama deserves some credit. But he shouldn’t get all of it. He’s been carrying on with Bush policies he said he would end when he was running for office. It may be the public doesn’t trust Obama enough to give him this one as a pass for all his other “mistakes”. When you’re buying gas or milk, that’s easy to understand.

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  1. I’ve never understood this “blowback” concept. They’re terrorists. If they could blow up Central Station tomorrow, they’d do it. They don’t hold stuff like that “in reserve” for special events like this.

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