15 Great Rap Songs

Yes, my latest Big Hollywood piece may surprise you because I have been critical of hip hop in the past. But I actually defend it here.

They were having a debate on Big Hollywood on whether rap was worth existing at all. I happen to think it has merits and there have been some great rap songs. I also think that conservatives who complain about it would be amazed how conservative a lot of rap artists actually are. A lot of rap songs are anti-drug, pro family and god, etc. Of course, a lot of hip hop is anti-social, nihilistic crap. But I don’t talk about that here.

Instead, I pick 15 rap songs I really like off the top of my head and don’t repeat any artists. In the first comment I throw in two more I intended to add, but forgot.

UPDATE: I love this guys rap songs about web design. Great stuff.

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