2 To the Chest Trade Coming

I’m working on getting a 2 to the Chest trade out next month. I am in the process of looking into publishing it through Fortan Media. It would be the first graphic novel I do from there, If that works out I will be doing more of my work. The idea is to do print on demand, but I have to make sure they can do what I need at a good price. Otherwise, I will have to look at other options.

2 to the Chest is the story of Troy Geist, a cop in L.A. who gets shot while pursuing a killer. He has an out of body experience and this leads him to evidence which put his and his girlfriends lives in great danger. What he has could be one of the most important documents in history. It’s something a lot of people will kill for and it’s too dangerous to just hand over to the authorities because they’re also trying to kill him to get it.

I wrote it in 2006. Jose Aviles illustrated it. Only three issues of the comic came out due to problems I had with printing it in Spain. But it’s all done and ready for the world.

I will post more info soon.

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