2010 Predictions

So here are me annual predictions for 2010. Don’t forget to check out last year’s predictions and how I did.

1. Obama will cause a constitutional crisis due to his executive orders circumventing US Constitutional law (which is illegal). He has already done this here and elsewhere. When the administration allows international law enforcement to supersede US sovereignty, there will be a huge backlash and they will have to back down, or they will become seriously damaged as a result. I suspect it will be over a terrorist related issue.

2. Democrats will suffer epic losses in November, despite a slew of outrageous voting shenanigans involving the usual suspects. The Senate may go to Republicans and the House will be close to flipping. This will be aided by many Democrats changing parties in 2010.

3. But a third party conservative movement continues to grow as tea parties get larger through the year. Some congressional seats will go to these candidates.

4. The health care bill will not sustain the internecine politics of the Democrats and public opinion. So Obama care will fail, barely.

5. Obama will poll consistently in the 40s, and then in the 30s toward the end of the year. A growing anger toward his administration will begin to dominate the news cycle. Rumors that he won’t run in 2012 will circulate.

6. Obama’s second stimulus will not help the economy. Unemployment continues to be bad. Housing sales will be sluggish due to continuing lending problems and defaults.

7. Obama’s “cool” demeanor will slip publicly more than a few times. He will be openly mocked by the press that once lionized him Especially when they they sense he can’t recover his popularity and theys tart to blame him for his party’s fall from grace.

8. Many top Democrats will lose their seats including Dodd, Reid, Boxer, Nelson. “Blue dogs” will be especially vulnerable.

9. The stock market will continue to have sucker’s rallies, but it will also have more bear sessions.

10. A commercial real estate crash will continue to harm the economy.

11. Obama will try to claim we came out of the recession only to go into a “double dip” recession again. At this point most of the press will lable it the Obama recession after all his failed polices and empty rhetoric.

12. Massive protests around the world due to unemployment and inflationary problems that will be blame on US spending policies. Obama will get a lot of fire for his spending, which he will try to claim he is cutting back. But it will be too little too late.

13. Apple’s tablet PC will be a hit when it debuts next year. Tablet PCs will become a vogue form of PC use. Comics will make major inroads there.

14. Climate Change will continue to die a slow painful death in the public’s mind and certain proponents of it will come under increasing disfavor and even lawsuits. Politicians will start back peddling on it. More climate scandals will erupt.

15. There will be more terrorist attacks on the US and the administrations attempts to PC whitewash the Islamic aspect will start to incite a backlash.

16. The Obama birther issue will not die. It will grow. More calls for his background documents like college, etc, to be disclosed will grow louder.

17. Growing calls for impeachment will start to echo across the land.

18. Hillary Clinton will quit the Obama administration and start to become a critic, trying to distance herself from it. But she will not be able to recapture her political power.

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  1. I think you’re right about Hillary, Hud.

    I unfortunately think the Dog-Man (what I call Obama trying to “be hip”) will still serve out his first and only term unless he gets done in by an act of God.

    Seriously — he’s not going anywhere until 2012 unfortunately.

    He’s the lamest and by far the worst President I’ve lived through thus far.

    Clinton’s a teddy bear and somebody you could have a beer with and talk to like a normal.

    Obama’s a friggin’ clueless robot!

    We still have a bunch of people that still don’t understand that things didn’t have to be as bad as they are now. Ignorance elected the people who led us into ruin. It’s a major failing of the education system and the lack of drive of the majority to educate themselves that has led us to where we are now.

    I’m speaking not only of the US but also much of the world.

    I’ve been around many different kinds of people and I can say without a doubt that many, many people are just friggin’ ignorant. They believe too much of what they’re told without thinking critically and have no way to smell the B.S. in the air. They’ll stay that way for the rest of their lives. The only people we can really influence (besides other people who WANT to learn) are our kids if we’re fortunate to have them. It’ll be a tough battle against the majority of grade schools in this world but it’s up to parents to train and educate their kids with the tools that schools obviously don’t teach them — such as integrity, the Golden Rule, economic responsibility and personal bookkeeping, and street smarts.

    The last thing is as important as the ones before it. Schools really try their hardest through college to educate survival instincts and common sense out of people!

  2. I didn’t say he wouldn’t serve out his term. I said calls for impeachment would ring out. A lot of Dems called for Bush’s impeachment, almost from day one. It’ll happen top Obama, but there are actual solid reasons this time. From the illegal handling of the Auto business bankruptcy to writing unconstitutional exec orders to a lot of other shady actions and dealings. If the Republicans get enough power after November, they might start looking into a lot of his actions.

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