Okay, this story may only excite science geeks like myself but scientists have come up with LEDS for making video screens that are 2 dimensional. That means technical they have only two sides Even paper is three dimensional. This stuff is 3 atoms thick! We’re talking science fiction made real.

Univ. of Washington scientists have built the thinnest-known LED that can be used as a source of light energy in electronics. The LED is based off of 2-D, flexible semiconductors, making it possible to stack or use in much smaller and more diverse applications than current technology allows.

“We are able to make the thinnest-possible LEDs, only three atoms thick yet mechanically strong. Such thin and foldable LEDs are critical for future portable and integrated electronic devices,” said Xiaodong Xu, a UW asst. prof. in materials science and engineering and in physics.

Xu along with Jason Ross, a UW materials science and engineering graduate student, co-authored a paperabout this technology that appeared online in Nature Nanotechnology.

Most consumer electronics use three-dimensional LEDs, but these are 10 to 20 times thicker than the LEDs being developed by the UW.

So not only are they smaller, they use less energy. This is why I don’t worry about hysteria over energy consumption and the like. We are constantly improving energy use in devices. And making things smaller and smaller till they are almost invisible. With LEDs like this video screens can be in your clothes. A TV could be paper thin. Lights could be part of the wall paper. This has a lot of exciting possibilities.

I love watching things like this unfold. Add to that cool crowd sourcing projects like affordable 3D printers and the world is changing before our eyes.

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