3D Hologram Phones in 5 Years

So says IBM which predicts a bunch of other things as well. If they are talking about 3d Holgrams being common in 5 years that means they have them in the labs right now. The battery predictions are interesting, too.

Instead of the heavy lithium-ion batteries used today, scientists are working on batteries that use air to react with energy-dense metal, eliminating a key inhibitor to longer lasting batteries. If successful, the result will be a lightweight, powerful and rechargeable battery capable of powering everything from electric cars to consumer devices.

By rethinking the basic building block of electronic devices, the transistor, IBM is aiming to reduce the amount of energy per transistor to less than 0.5 V. With energy demands this low, we might be able to lose the battery altogether in some devices like mobile phones or e-readers, which could be recharged by simply shaking the device.


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