8000 Protest the Ground Zero Mosque

Your gutless MSM which also lied about or ignored the tea party have not really covered this much, if at all. So here is a picture of a protest this weekend.

This will not go down without a fight. These people are using provocative tactics to try to plant their flag near the site their fanatics destroyed. The corrupt and spineless politicians of NY may have approved it. Our subversive president may have blessed it. But the public is not going to roll over for it.

(Now they’re saying 8000, so I changed the title)

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  2. I'm really, really disturbed by the fact that any mosque is going up near Ground Zero.

    I think anybody with half a brain in the Moslem community who wants to get along and understood the kind of pain caused by 9/11 wouldn't be in favor of building near G-Zero.

    It's gotta be the fanatics. No sane person would risk the kind of PR damage this is going to do nationally.

    The fact that the NYC authorities (mainly Dems, big surprise!!!) are letting it happen without ANY kind of challenge means $$$$$ is all that's important to them and possibility that they think the only way to deal with fanatical scum (that isn't some screwball cult that claims to be Christian) is to give in.

    The Israelis are right… When the Islamo-fascists pull a knife on you, you've got to kill them. You don't give cockroaches time to regroup. You kill them where they are and you go throughout the building and spray to kill.

    When Islamo-Nazis whine and complain, you have to ignore them and keep doing to what you have to do to survive.

    The UN's a joke… That site's far more appropriate for a new mosque at this point in time!

  3. Not only do they want to build a mosque, they want to build the biggest one in the US. It's obvious they are planing a flag, trying to make a statement. This has nothing to do with “tolerance”.

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