Today was my birthday. And I decided several weeks ago that if I want to write novels, I better get off my butt. I have always wanted to be a novelist. I got into comics because I love the medium and I knew people. But novels were really where I wanted to be. But I never got too far with finishing a novel because I didn’t feel ready for it.
I felt I needed more to say and as the years have past, I have certainly honed my observational writing.

My novel isn’t exactly political, but it has some political elements to it. It’s actually a super-hero story, except I am approaching super-heroes in my own unique way. It’s the kind of superhero story I have wanted to do for years, but it would take a maxi-series to do it properly.

My friend Val Mayerik did this illustration of one of the main characters.


I have no idea how long it will take me to finish the first volume, but I see it as a series of books covering as long as a decade. More on this later.

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