Huff Po has an article about robot chefs that’s interesting but only two are actually practical for consumers, the others are demos or factory bots. Here are the two I pulled out.

Both of these are working now. I’m not sure if that pizza looks too appetizing but I’d be willing to try it once. The sauce looks weak. And the toppings pretty sparse. But the idea is sound. The coffee barista is probably fine since coffee makers is a old technology and this is just a new wrinkle on it. I suspect the coffee is the same quality as you’d get from a human barista.

Robo chefs would serve out food that’s uniform and uninspired, but they might also deliver more dependable quality. If you’eve ever been to a fast food restaurant and got your order messed up and things left out that would not happen as much with an automated place as long as the equipment and software was kept up.

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