A Bitter Pill

Today I took another spill in my wheel chair, landing on my stump. You have no idea how much that hurts. This is my second wheel chair spill. This time I thought I was on the good part of the asphalt where there were no potholes. It was downhill but not too steep. Still, something caused my chair to stop suddenly and I went flying. The pain was severe, I yelled in pain. A guy came out of his room at the motel I am staying at and he and his brother helped me back in my chair. I didn’t find out till later that the Y connector where the wound vac tubes that come from my leg feed into a tube leading to the machine was broken and the seal was leaking air. I ended up having to call a nurse in around 8PM to help me fix the problem.

While she was there she went over the pictures of my wound. She is the supervisor over the other nurses that see me. She has years of experience in the wound care field. And looking at my wound pictures, she said I was looking at at least a year to heal.

After all, my wound has gotten bigger in six months not smaller. And I am dealing with lots of pain. It prevents me from getting a decent night’s sleep.

As I said earlier, my doctor wants to amputate above the knee. He thinks the bone is infected. But I need to do an MRI to be sure or a biopsy, neither has been done,

I see him Tuesday and I will have to make a decision, stay on the course I’ve been on which has not been yielding much results, or have the amputation and realize that it will be a lot harder to walk again. In either case it won’t happen this year it looks like. So I am stuck in the wheel chair for now.

And that means I risk my body being so used to being in the chair position I won’t be able to stand straight without a lot of painful therapy.

It’s not a happy subject and to make matters worse, I have been out of work since October and am looking to possibly have a longer haul ahead of me. I can’t continue staying here in Temple, so I will have to decide next week which course to take. Try to stay in Austin or go back to San Diego. Either option has many problems for me to solve.

Who said my life was boring?

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