A Bogus Wind

Wind power is too expensive, not productive enough and kills birds. Aside from that, the sight of windmills seems to offend NIMBYs. Now for the latest global warming scam.

The wind, a favorite power source of the green energy movement, might be dying down across the United States. And global warming — the very problem wind power seeks to address — could be behind that.

The idea that winds may be slowing is still a speculative one, and scientists disagree whether that is happening. But a first-of-its-kind study suggests that average and peak wind speeds have been noticeably slowing since 1973, especially in the Midwest and the East.

God these people are hilarious. It’s bad enough they want us to believe their lies, they then keep changing their story. First they say wind power is the answer, then they condemn it, now they say it won’t work.

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