A Day of Infamy

Well, today 10 Republicans caved to allow the senate to ratify a START treaty agreement which will make America much weaker just as the president wanted. They just had to ram this through before the worst congress in history is over. At a time when the world is getting more violent, Obama wants to neuter us. The Dems are happy to oblige as were 10 RINOS.

And to make matters worse, today the Democrats on the FCC voted to have the government regulate internet service providers. They did so after Congress and the courts told them not to. Expect a legal battle next year. That one is far from over. But if they get away with it bad things can follow. I am rooting for them to fail.

Next year will be telling. Either the Republicans turn back the tide of statism imposed by the Democrats in the last two years, or they will just let the rot continue. It’s crucial that the voters don’t allow this sort of insanity to continue,

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