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  1. I don’t think he did anything out of the ordinary. He just mentioned that BB was also an actor. I don’t recall him saying music is his hobby, but BB acted like he was being patronizing to him, which I did not get.

  2. heh yeah watched it again I guess BB does start off pretty abrasively. But I thought a few things later kind of explain why. they agreed not to talk about his acting career and the dj starts with it. and also we hear it was a 6 am taping. plus i guess Canadian fans werren’t very receptive to the music on the tour.

    I just thougth the dj saying “oh we agreed not to talk about your acting but I introed with that to fill in listeners” was the heart of the matter.

    they agreed to the interview but the guy overshadows their band with references to awards and other things BB did that just urks him. Reminds me of the 007 Unicef rep Roger Moore who wants to talk about the starving kids and gets drawn into a debate on the best bond girl.

    anyway the emphasis on 3 albums in a year I guess insulted him. Like the dj was saying they must be rushed and crap. also the fact that BB is the drummer and they had no drums in the studio probably added to the situation.

    Wake me up at 5 in the AM to come down here and then start going on about how ambitious we are…

    I rather liked BB’s story about making models. The announcer should have got him to talk more about monsters. would have been a lot more entertaining.

  3. I’ve never understood the fascination some people have with Billy Bob.

    In most of the pictures I’ve seen of him out on public (around the time of the Jolie trysts), he looked like a hill-billy redneck dressed in tattered T-shirts and jeans with a cigarette. That was before he started wearing a rug all the time. Very bald as in Jean-Luc…

    I’ve only seen him in a few films and TV shows and he never struck as a particularly good actor. I caught reruns of a political comedy he did with John Ritter and Markie Post years ago and he struck as bored and uninvolved with the show. Seriously, I haven’t seen a flatter performance from an actor this side of Bill Paxton’s noninvolved, emotionless reading for the Twister ride at Universal Studios Tour Theme Park.

    Yes, Thornton was that bad when I saw him on television…

  4. The best thing he did was what made him famous. It’s a little Indy film called Sling Blade, which I highly recommend. He wrote, directed and starred in it. He plays a retarded man who is let out of prison for murdering some people in a rage after a number of years. And he tries to make it back into society in some small Arkansas town.

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