A Hudnall Double Whammy!

Two major articles up today on Big Journalism and Big Hollywood. I have a series of articles exposing the fallacies of statism. The first part of a series is on Big Journalism now.

The New Fascists: A Political Primer. Sure to light some flame wars.

Second on Big Hollywood: California’s Progressive Politics are Hurting California. It explains how the BG (big government) system is destroying the state.

UPDATE: After bashing Bush constantly Obama shows he si no better and probably far worse when it comes to our rights.

Enjoy, peeps!

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  1. Hi James,

    Excellent article on BH today! I also wanted to say I liked the cartoon/painting that you used for the article. John Nolte asked me if I wanted to contribute on what he called the Sunday funnies. He misunderstood when I asked him to check out the drawings on my site (www.studioartservices.com) and tell me if I could do those kind of images, as it is impossible to do a painting of mine in that time. He apparently did not get that I would create new pieces. Thanks to your image, I think I have my answer. Looking forward to your continued good work, Alvaro

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