A New Blog

I’ve changed this blog software to WordPress. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to migrate the data over. It’s possible, but a major hassle and I would lose any trackbacks that may exist (one of the problems with the old software is I couldn’t see them easily). So I am leaving the old blog up for archives to those stories but this is the new blog. It has a more SEO friendly URL*, too.

The beauty of this software is it has a ton of available features I can add on that do all kinds of great things. I will be playing around with it as we go. I chose this look instead of my own template because it’s designed as a web magazine style which is something I wanted to move toward.

You’ll see what I mean the blog progresses. And I will be jazzing up the look as we go along also.

I hope you enjoy the new blog. It’s very user friendly. You will be able to upload a personal avatar for comments, too. I am still working out how to use some of the features so bear with me if there are some hiccups in the first week or so.

In case you’re wondering about the picture, one of the cool things about this theme is I can select a story to be featured and it will show an image in the headline. So I picked this from my photos directory. This is a character from my graphic novel, The Psycho.

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