A War on Two Fronts

We’re fighting a war on two fronts and I don’t mean in Iraq and Afghanistan. I mean here at home.

We have been fighting this war for decades and many of us didn’t even know it. One front is in the culture. The progressive elites have been trying to destroy western cultural values in order to bring about a socialist society. They know that the public is not interested in socialism having seen it fail and destroy economies, not to mention the fact that the worst dictatorships on earth are socialist states. Russia, China, India have moved toward free market economies and away from socialism because it simply doesn’t work in the long run.

But, you may think that the idea that leftists are trying to overthrow our society is just nutty right wing paranoia, but then, you probably don’t know about Antonio Gramsci. You may have heard of Saul Alinski but he is but a recent thinker in the progressives war on Capitalism. Gramsci is the man who came up with the idea of taking over the key institutions in order to indoctrinate generations. To get them to accept socialist thinking. There’s a great article on him here.

Their reason for what they’re doing is quite simple. They want to tear down the system that was to replace it with what they have been trying to make happen. They can’t get the voters on board so they try to slowly get people to think that capitalism is bad and socialism is the only answer. Look at the mess we’re in. It’s their work. Look at the horrible history of socialist regimes like Soviet Russia and Red China and you see what kind of world they offer. They are trying to usher in this kind of society very fast. We’re watching it unfold before our eyes under Obama.

Check out this list from 1963. It was a product of Cold War thinking but you will be amazed at how much of it came true. It’s from a book called “The Naked Communist” by Cleon Skousen. Skousen was a FBI agent. He wrote another book called the “5000 Year Leap” that Glenn Beck loves. He alwo wrote a book called “The Naked Capitalist” which details many of the elites goals in the coming years that will move us into a socialist type state. Many of these goals have already been realized.

I put up this picture of old evil eyes because it shows how he looks down at us all from his entitled lofty perch. He is the head of a hard push by the left to finalize many of their goals during his presidency. But the problem with the progressives is, in all their rush to usher in a new age through multiculturalism, PC and the like, they didn’t realize the unintended consequences of their actions. And thus we have front number two. The war on terror.

Bill Whittle had these two interviews that spell out how the left has created a monster that will eat them too. PC isn’t just a means to trash western culture. When you weaken a society, other nasty things come in to infect the body politic.

The insane foolishness of progressives will undo everything they claim to want, and put us all in peril. What will come of this will be ugly.

You may think the above prognosis is crazy. But the writing has been on the wall for years now. You are seeing the early days of when it all starts to come to a head.

I don’t recommend choosing the progressives side or the Islamists. Both are damned in their own way and both will be the villains in the end. And certainly, neither side is the one you want to be helping if you believe in human rights and dignity.

We’re fight a war on two fronts. At stake is freedom and liberty for the world. The United States, for all its faults, is a becon for human freedom and we’re in danger of losing all that through neglect and foolishness.

Let’s hope we can right the ship before it sinks.

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