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  1. The best question I’ve heard so far is from some lady who asked a D congressman if he was willing to use the same plan for himself and his family. The guy basically did a “Fuh fuh fuh” then changed the subject.

  2. Amazing. Simply amazing!

    The Dems and their allies in the media (the usual suspects of anything with the letters “NBC”, ABC, and CBS) are treating the concerned voters as far right-wing demagogues and troublemakers.

    It’s amazing the tactics of Herr Obama and the Kos Krowd. Ridicule and racialize the arguments when it’s the everyday people you CLAIM to represent who are protesting the depths to which these people are sinking to radicalize our society.

    May they fall down in flames and be boiled in the hate they’re spewing.

    I sincerely hope the people are protesting now don’t lose their momentum. Obama and the Democrats need to be stopped now before they do more damage.

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