About Obama and My Politics

In case anyone reading this needs further explanation my problem with the president is based on several things. The fact that he’s a Democrat, or black has nothing to do with it. I don’t care about either things, I only care about the merits a president has. Obama has none that I can see.

Firstly, he’s a fraud.

Secondly, he’s a liar.

Thirdly, he’s incompetent and a spendthrift.

I could go on, and have but I hate to repeat myself. So let me make something really clear to those who are confused on the subject. I am not a Republican. I am an Independent. I have always been an independent. This article explains why I don’t put stock in the team
sports mentality of politics.

Those people who think my cartoons are proof I am a “neo-con”, “republican”, et al are deluded. I am mocking the president and the press because they are fakes and they deserve our scorn. Artists should speak truth to power, to use an annoying cliche. Those “artists” who do suck up art in favor of the establishment (eg Obama and his agenda) are nothing more than shills for the state. They are toadies of the powerful. I, on the other hand, am a true counter-culture radical because I am going against the grain. I am fighting the power structure in my own way.

The so called lefties who think they are sticking it to the man are in fact bending over for, and being stuck by the man on a regular basis. Sans lubrication.

The state isn’t your friend. Politicians are not wise. Witness this clown act. This guy actually makes decisions regarding our military. Impressed much?

People who look to Democrats as being on their side are only fooling themselves. As for my politics, I hate politics. I see it for what it is and have no illusions about it. Politicians aren’t my heroes. I judge them by their deeds, not their words. As should we all.

They work for us. Those who forget that need to go.

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  1. I don’t put stock in the team sports mentality of politics.

    Probably because you have a brain and enjoy the pleasure of actually using it. Small compensation, however, because the individual who boos the home team in their own arena is quite likely going to get pounded. In the comics and movie arena, the home team is always the Left.

  2. You the man. I’m with you on all points.

    But let’s put out some things to be in favor of.
    Real drilling without limits and moratorium on environmental law suits against energy production and refining.

    War on (radical) Islam.

  3. Yeah, his sudden interest in drilling is a sham because he is only calling for “exploration:which means he will probably try to have it banned anywhere they find oil like he’s already done in some states this year.

  4. While I agree with your assessment and share your loathing of all things political, the reality is that we are governed by politics. I would even go so far as to say that politics is part of human nature. I, as well as many others in this country, have avoided it to the detriment of our liberty.
    My message to you and all other independents is this. Like it or not we have a two party system. We know that democrats are statists and republicans less so. however, there is no room for individual liberty in the democrat party. Bottom line is your chances for liberty are greater with the GOP.

    Keep up the good work James!

  5. The Republican party needs to never rest on its laurels or take it’s party members for granted. So they need to show, clearly that they are really for the things they claim to be for, mainly limited govt and lower taxes. They have done a poor job of that in my lifetime.

    I really hate voting for the lesser of two evils.

  6. My feeling on Obama’s oil announcement can be summed up quite simply:
    Obama announces.
    The DOI approves.
    The EPA refuses.
    End game.

    Funny how the liberals took over the term “neo-con” and made it into a slur. When it first appeared it was simply used by people like me to differentiate ourselves from the stereotype “conservative” the liberals had built up over the years: white, redneck, bible-thumpin’, colored-folk hatin’, chicken chokin’, cousin pokin’ hillbillies. The idea was a person could call themselves conservative and not have to have his round peg banged into the square hole the liberals had set up. We could drink and mosh and drive fast on motorcycles and laugh at dirty jokes and dress well and like kinky sex, but get turned on by the Constitution, small government, and Ludwig von Mises, too. (P.J. O’Rourke had tried this decades before with his “Republican Party Reptiles” idea.) The liberals predictably hated the idea, because they’d reserved the idea (if not the actuality) of “fun” for their side.
    So, to the liberals, “neo-con” came to mean…well, I’m not actually sure what they intend it to mean other than “You suck anyway so shut up!”
    I long ago quit defending myself to liberals. As Jim says of himself above, I’m ideas-driven. Right now, the right wing is supporting most of the ideas I like. I’m certainly not a Republican. They are just another political party, sclerotic and trapped inside the Beltway Bubble. However, since the USA is designed to function around a two-party system (and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to do some studying) I prefer to vote for politicians who stand for at least some of my ideals, and so far, that’s been the Republicans. I view the upcoming elections with delight, since far more of the ideas I like are at least being espoused by candidates than ever before. Thank you, Tea Parties!
    And besides, the thought of kicking Boxer out of office and replacing her with a Republican sends a thrill down my leg.

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