ACORN Defunded

The house voted overwhelmingly to defund ACORN, which is a victory except it has to be signed by the president. We’ll see if that happens.

Citizen journalism in action. The people can make a difference. What will be interesting is what the corrupt weasels do to try to cover their associations and tied to ACORN. All the ones voting against this bill were the most progressive in Congress and they were major enablers of ACORN. The president has a lot of history with them. We’ll see what he does.

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  1. There’s a long way to go, yet. ACORN is part of the nearly 300 organization CCI monstrosity, and how much you want to bet they are frantically transferring people, programs, and power to a bunch of those other outfits, which will all still be eligible for tax dollars? ACORN is literally part of a hydra and will be as hard to kill.
    Still, this is a nice start. Citizens are more likely to be wary and skeptical of these “community organizations” now. And of course ACORN can be linked to CCI, which will put a bit of a black cloud over them and their subsidiaries. Maybe even SEIU….

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