Once again, the team of, Hannah and James have done another child prostitute scam on ACORN and they fell for it. This time in New York.

The bottom line is, they have shown that it wasn’t a fluke but a systematic problem at ACORN and that’ got to hurt, The Obama government will probably try to sweep it under the rug since they have such a strong investment in ACORN, but we’ll see.

The Democrats have helped make ACORN what it is by funneling millions into them. The stimulus has up to 8 Billion set for ACORN. This has got to end.

UPDATE: Senate votes to defund ACORN housing funding.

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  1. Even better, New York was one of the offices where the ACORN official statement yesterday said the “scam” had been tried and repelled by the noble ACORN staffers.
    Or not.
    I love the way Hannah and James are releasing this stuff a bit at a time. ACORN has no idea what’s next and what part of their ass to cover, and thus they keep getting caught in lies.
    And this third incident makes it an official RICO violation. If that gets going, the fun will never stop, because the investigation can go beyond ACORN and into CCI and it’s hundreds of tentacle companies.
    I’m makin’ me some popcorn. I haven’t had this much fun since the pigs ate my brother.

    That said, we can’t afford to take our eye off the health care debate, because this is a mere sideshow.

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