When I was in the hospital last year losing my right leg, I amused myself coming up with characters that would be fun to write. Once I had a bunch I started piecing together a comic to go with then and hence, Agenda! was born.

Agenda! is a superhero series without the conventions of the genre. It’s not about good guys fighting bad guys. It’s about people who have some kind of power and they decide to use it to further their goals. To make the world a better place as they see it. However, each of them finds the world is not a place that’s receptive to radical change. When someone wants to upset the apple cart, they will be resisted. In the case of Agenda! the characters are not all in agreement on what needs to be done. Conflict will arise. But I’ll leave it up to the audience to decide who they want to root for.

At the beginning, the characters don’t know each other but they will soon find themselves having to deal with each other in some fashion or another. I don’t intend to play it safe. This will be my idea of how superheroes might deal with the world, and there will be consequences. I’m very excited about working on it.

The art will be done by Matt Cossin who is a very talented young artist who also happens to be local to me, which is great. Matt has been working with me on the character designs. We’ve got a bunch to go, but I thought I’d reveal the first couple characters. The story will be told online at first and then collected.



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