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  1. Gee,

    He almost had me up to the point where he trashed ALL Americans and our foreign policy!

    Must be nice to sit behind an American shield and bitch, Alan? It’s not as if over 90% of the people who bought crappy work are Americans to begin with, you douche!

    IF you have never sold a piece of work to the US market, could you have ever hoped to become as rich as you are now, Alan???? WOULD your socialist European utopia have ever enabled a former drug-dealer to become such a huge success in writing?

    It’s not as if I can write an erotic/pornographic story with children’s icons (Dorothy, Alice, etc.) and be guaranteed to sell tens of thousands of copies of overpriced hardcovers of my worst semi-pedophilic daydreams now, can I, Alan?

    Tell me again, why do we give British comic-makers so much freaking credit for anything in the US? It’s not as if the majority of slobbering fanboys, DC and Marvel editor fanboys aren’t already giving these guys such a huge pass and letting them miss deadlines by months already!!!?!?!!!

    Granted, I like both Dave Gibbons and Alan Davis and don’t subscribe to them acting like asses to fans or purposefully overcommitting and being anything less than professional politics notwithstanding. But they seem to be the exception to the rule…

    Like Byrne, I’m just going to have to ignore the personal and political ramblings of Moore and just accept that he’s become a bitter old man. His past work was enjoyable and elevated the art in comics (like Byrne’s did for a time), but the man himself has become such a bitter, counterculture parody and obviously can’t enjoy his success.

  2. Yeah, he really, made an ass of himself. Especially with such absurd claims like the US supplied Hitler with munitions. Some US companies worked with Hitler up to a point, but none of them sold munitions.

  3. I still have respect for the guy, even though I really disagree with his views of America. I do share his views of Hollywood, though. There are a lot of things I love from Hollywood, but there’s just as much, maybe more, to dislike. The whole hubris thing.

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