Amazing Realists

I’ve posted links to the fantastic art of Ron Mueck, a hyper-realistic sculptor who does giant pieces that look like real human beings. Well there are more sculptors like him and here is a bunch of them. Really incredible stuff.

I like how most of these pieces are of very ordinary looking people. They often look exactly like people you’d see in life, even though a few of them tend to go into caricature, slightly.

It’s very hard to not see Duane Hanson’s pieces as real people. He’s been doing this kind of stuff since the 1960s.

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  1. I never do understand artsy fartsy types bitching about things that look “photo” realistic. I remember hearing a lot of this from professors in college. I like seeing art that I can relate to and understand. Not some physical version of a drug induced halucination.

  2. I agree. Art that really shows us something we can relate to takes a lot more talent. Which is probably why they tried to deprecate that. And make mindless crap by some hack out to be “true art”. Like there was this one guy in the 80s that made $100,000 or more a painting by putting a canvas behind a jet plane engine, then throwing paint in the air so the plane’s exhaust would splash the paint on the canvas. Ooo ahhh.

  3. What you two guys said. I think antirealism is part of a bigger Emperor’s New Clothes syndrome. The more counterintuitive the ‘tude, the kewler it is.

    These sculptures are amazing! I wonder if they’re based on individual real people, are composites, or are completely imaginary.

    Here’s some art I don’t think Hud’s going to like as much:

    “Do you know how I know that Obama is in fact a more inspiring leader than McCain? There is one group of folks that are suckers for inspiration, they’re called artists. Whenever an artist is inspired, he/she will want to express that in art. And there aren’t as much portrait paintings of McCain as there are of Obama. Obama had the ability to move people, in a political, emotional and apparently even an artistic way.”

  4. Many long years ago, the brilliant artist Marcel Duchamp pulled what was possibly the best stunt in the history of art (with a nod to Magritte). He took a ceramic urinal, propped it on a pedestal, and called it…”art.” His point was, can something become art just by being called art?
    Entertaining discussions ensued and continue to this day.
    Since then we have had practically every art student and some alleged artists try the same stunt with a pile of brinks for a row of beer bottles or whatever. The problem is Duchamp’s idea could only be created once. Everything of that nature done since then has been meaningless repetition, an attempt to be clever, as if by writing E=mc^2 in gouache they have “rediscovered” it and claim bragging rights to one man’s idea.
    It’s no wonder most modern art is rubbish.

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