American Idol 3/31

Performance Night. They got to pick the song of their choice. Surprisingly, three chose old songs. The rest chose current hits.

One thing’s for sure, a lot of people have called American Idol a lame show, but this season cannot be accused of that. They got rid of the flakes right away, kicked out the mediocre singers early. And the result is an amazing group.

It’s pretty obvious to me who the top 4 are now. Danny, Adam, Kris and Lil. Well, wait…damn I forgot Allison. And Scott and Matt could do it too. Geez.

Yeah, it’s a tough call this year. But I think the top 5 are the first 5 I listed. The others have had a few missteps.

I expect Megan and Matt to be in the bottom two tomorrow. Matt is extremely good, but for some reason he was almost cut last week even though the judges loved him. This week they were less kind even though I thought he was good. Megan is good, but compared to the others, she is just average. But she didn’t even end up in the bottom three last week after being panned, so who knows.

Anoop did an Usher song well, but the judges were not wowed. So he will probably be in the bottom three also. The rest were great to fantastic.

Scott did Billy Joel proud. Lil did Celine Dion proud. Kris did an amazing cover of Bill Withers Ain’t No Sunshine. Really fantastic.

That leaves Danny who blew away What Hurts the Most, Adam who did a rock screamer version of Play That Funky Music that was fresh and finally, Allison did a really nice No Doubt cover.

It’s good that they have the save option this season because they’re going to need it. A lot of really amazing talent.

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  1. Welcome to the Adam Lambert show. Of all of them, I feel he’s got the most “star power”. Good looking, whether he’s channeling Peter Wentz or Elvis Presley. Kind (his shout-out to Ricky Minor and the band), great vocals, at ease on the stage.

    I haven’t really gotten too attached to any of the contestants since Taylor Hicks, when I texted my little fingers off for him. But I’m really liking Adam, so much so that I downloaded the last two videos of him off of iTunes.

    Anoop is getting monotonous and he was kind of pissy to the judges.

    Kris kind of came out of nowhere. I hadn’t really noticed him before and suddenly there was this guy who could really sing.

    I think the contestants are closer to each other emotionally this year than they have ever been. Living in the AI mansion probably has something to do with that.

    I’m still pissed the Megan’s going on tour and Alexis isn’t. Alexis was better.

  2. I think Danny Gokey is extremely good. He may not be as pretty as Adam but the guy is consistently solid. Kris is also really good. But I have to say Allison and Lil are amazing. Allison is almost always like an old pro. If she was hotter looking she would be a lock. But I think she can be very popular. I agree that Adam is probably going to win, but I actually prefer Danny and Matt. Matt, however keeps falling to the bottom. Don’t understand why unless people don’t like his looks or something. Yeah, Anoop seems to have a tude. That has sunk quite a few idols in the past.

  3. Yeah, I don’t understand about Matt either. He did a great job the week before last and ended up in the bottom three. Very shocking. Elliot Yamin wasn’t conventionally good-looking, but a lot of people loved him. Maybe his mom had something to do with that. I like how she’s included in that video they’ve shown a couple of times, where she shakes her head in disbelief. It’s a great way to honor her.

    Both Danny and Adam have great voices. I hate to use the V word, but I think Adam is a more versatile singer. Like Kara, I can’t wait to see what Adam’s going to bring every week.

    Allison is channeling Janis Joplin. I’d love to hear her do “Piece of my Heart”. Do you think she knows who Janis is? I think a different stylist could up Allison’s hotness quotient. That weird hair this week was a bad idea.

    I think Allison and Adam will be in the finale. I think 4 or 5 of them will end up with record contracts. What an amazing amount of talent there is this year.

    Did you hear anything about why they didn’t do Idol Gives Back this year?

  4. He quit the show after last season so he could focus on his show “So you think you can dance” which is a big hit on its own. Simon has more power now, too. I think.

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