American Idol 4/7/2008

Last night the Idols had to sing a song from the year they were born. So it was basically 80s night except for Allison who was born in the 90s.

Once again Adam and Danny were the top singers. Danny started the show off and Adam finished it. Simon gave Adam a standing ovation, which may be a first. But part of that could be the show ran way over time and he had to critique Adam for the group of judges.

Gokey did an uptempo version of “Stand By Me“. Adam did Tears for Fears’ “Mad World” in a very fresh way.

Allison did her usual great job singing Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me“, once again sounding like an experienced 30 year old even though she’s 16. The only criticism she got was she needs to show her youthful side because she’s coming off way too old for her age.

With the weakest links gone from the show, Anoop and Matt had to be on their best footing last night and they succeeded in turning out really good performances. Anoop sang “True Colors” very movingly. Matt did a great take on Stevie Wonder’s Part Time Lover. He even won over Randy who is usually really critical of anyone taking on Stevie Wonder songs.

On the other hand, three of the usually dependable contestants faltered last night.

Lil Rounds disappointed with her cover of Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got to do with it.” It was solid but not inspired, so the judges gave her flak. She may end up in the bottom three, where she has been once before.

Scott McIntyre screeched out the Search is Over by Survivor. He decided to use a guitar this time. But most of the judges pummeled him. And he talked back a little. Bad move, Scott. He will probably be in the bottom three.

Kris Allen did a strange jazzy version of ““All She Wants to Do is Dance”” by Don Henley. That song has a serious message, but Kris made it upbeat and bouncy. It sounded strange. It didn’t go over that well with the judges. My guess is he will be in the bottom three.

The only thing that might throw it off is popularity. Anoop or Matt may be unjustly in the bottom three if they are less popular than the others. Because both Matt and Anoop really did a great job last night.

Tonight Kellie Pickler will be singing. She sure has done well for herself even though she only made 5th place (or was it sixth?). I remember the Taylor Hicks fans obsessing how popular she was when she kept staying in week after week. I’m sure the fans of the other contestants this year are obsessing over Adam’s popularity wit the judges. Not that I’m comparing him to Kellie, but I think most of the final six or seven contestants this year (if not all of them) will put out CDs. It’s a very solid bunch of singers.

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  1. Rod and I leave for Hawaii next Tues. What are we doing our first night there? Grabbing dinner and then settling in to watch American Idol and the season premiere of Deadliest Catch. 🙂

    Scott is going home tonight. I just don’t think sympathy can keep him in the running any longer.

    Simon wouldn’t have given Adam (who did a Gary Jules version of Mad World, BTW) a standing O unless he felt he deserved it, no matter how the other judges felt. I also saw Simon smile at the end of the performance, which is something you never see.

    I basically agree with you, except I didn’t care for Matt so much tonight. My mind wandered (it does that frequently) except during Adam and Allison’s performances.

    I still think it’s going to be Adam and Allison in the finale.

  2. You’re probably right. But Danny is really good. I think he may be the one going against Adam. We’ll see.

    It almost doesn’t matter because the top 5 or 6 this season will all get record deals. And some of the mninor players in Season 5 have music careers.

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