American Idol: Final 2

James Taylor vs David Bowie, or something like that. It’s Kris vs Adam for the finale. And believe it or not, I think they were about evenly matched in their own way. While each singer is very different than the other, they are both extremely talented, likable guys and they have their own unique fan base.

Who will win?

I’ve been saying for weeks that Kris is the guy to watch. He has shown himself to be a real surprise. He seemed to be getting better every week and his low key style seems to really connect with the audience. While he does not have the vocal range or power of Adam, he seems to have a lot of skills of his own. I also think he has shown a little more versatility.

I expect Adam to win. They have pushed him really hard. But Kris is a very appealing talent with a loyal fan base. It could be close.

Last season the judges really pushed David Archuleta hard and the audience went for David Cook. So don’t be surprised if Kris wins. Six weeks ago I wouldn’t have expected Kris to be there. I thought it would be Danny or Allison. But Kris was steady and sure and turned in some very nice performances. He did some surprising reinventions of some famous songs. I think he has the potential to be a huge star. Kind of like John Mayer but even better.

I have to say, I love the American Idol finale shows. They’re always good entertainment. I look forward to tomorrow night.

UPDATE: Spoiler: I was right. I expected Adam to win, but I said don’t be surprised if he doesn’t. It looks like a repeat of last year.

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