American Idol: Final 3

Once again, the Idol show is pushng Adam Lambert even though all three singers this year are amazing in their own way. But they put Adam in the “pimp spot” again and they basically told people to vote him the winner. Simon even gave an interview sauing he will win. Talk about stacking the deck.

Yes, Adam is really good but I thought this was supposed to be a contest. All three contestants did really well tonight. I think Kris did slightly better than Danny. So we’re down to which of the two will be in the finale next week. I think it might be Kris.

The only thing that might throw it is if people are tired of them pushing Adam so hard and they rebel like they did last year when David Cook won over David Archuleta who was the judges favorite.

Adam did a great job, but I think all three didn’t do great with one song and was great with the the other. Adam’s cover of One didn’t move me, I think he kind of messed it up even though the judges said it was brilliant about 80 times. Kris’s version of Apologize was the best of the first songs. Danny’s cover of Dance Little Sister was sung really well but I agree on the dancing comments from two of the judges.

The second songs were performed brilliantly by all three singers. So it will be really interesting who stays. Like I said I am leaning slightly toward Kris and Adam.

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