American Idol Recap

I didn’t write about Idol on Wednesday because I had to Tivo it and watch it the following day. So I decided to wait until the results show.

Overall, this week surprised me because it was Motown week and I expected Lil Rounds to steal the show. Instead she did a decent, but pretty safe version of Heatwave. I was actually a little bored by it.

A couple people flatlined, and as usual, one of them was bumped. I pretty much expected Michael Sarver to leave this week or the next. Not that he’s bad, but he is so outclassed by the others. This was his week.

I really expected Megan Joy to be in the bottom 3, but she wasn’t. Scott MacIntyre and Matt Giraud were. They shouldn’t have been except I think Scott has been kind of the same for the last several weeks. He always does a good job, but his performances are always kind of similar. I think that’s what hurt him. Giraud is excellent singing Marvin Gaye, but with so many good talents this season, someone had to be there.

The standouts for me on Wednesday were Allison, Adam and Danny in that order. Both Allison and Adam got standing ovations from Barry Gordy and Smokey Robinson. Adam did a slow version of tracks of my tear, done in a Chris Issack/kd lang kind of drag. But to me Allison’s version of Papa was a Rolling Stone was the best. She is unbelievably good for a 16 year old, or a 30 year old. Whatever. She’s awesome.

Danny is always great. Just a very professional singer who knows what he’s doing. And is extremely good at it.

Anoop was good, showing his range. Kris was also very good. Megan was ok, but the judges were very critical of her. I was surprised when her name wasn’t called for the bottom 3 because I thought Matt was really good. This show is about popularity as much as talent, so we’re starting to see who’s more popular.

I loved the Motown medley the American Idols sang last night but was let down by the Joss Stone/Smokey Robinson duet because the song was pretty bland. Robinson is one of the best lyricists of his generation. Compared to his classics, the song last night was a joke. And the Stevie Wonder medley sung by Wonder himself was also a let down because the songs in the medley were not his best. The last one was one I haven’t even heard before and it was dull. Ah well.

Wednesday night’s show was pretty damn good. Really outstanding television and Smokey Robinson was a great coach.

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