American Idol: Top 3

Tonight’s show was great, like last weeks. This one seemed to be designed to handicap Kris and Danny. It was Rock Week, which means it was tailored for Adam and Allison.

Once again, I think they’re making a huge mistake in pushing Adam so hard. I believe he was in the bottom three last week because people are tired of him being shoved down their throat. He is very good, very marketable. But so are the others. Yet they seemed to give the other three harsher criticism when they actually did good jobs.

First off, Adam did Led Zepplin’s Who Lot of Love. He killed it, but he has a great voice for that kind of song. He also had the right look. The judges praised him to high heaven and called him a rock god. No kidding. Simon said it was impossible for anyone to top that performance. Well, gee. Why should anyone else perform then?

Allison Iraheta had to follow, and I think she did a great job with Janis Joplin’s Cry Baby. She also had the perfect look and hair via Adam’s stylist. I agree with the judges that the song could have been better. It’s one of those two stanza songs. But she did it well.

Then they did something I wish they had tried before. Duets. First up was Danny and Kris doing Styx song, Renegade. They did a really good job, but got a luke warm reception. Because, as I said, they are handicapping them. The audience was really getting annoyed with the judges at that point. It got worse as the night wore on.

Kris then did his solo version of the Beatles Come Together. He did a very fresh and original cover on the guitar. I liked it. But the judges were lukewarm, getting all the Kris fans riled up. I am not a fan of that particular song, but I though his version was decent.

Danny did Aerosmith’s Dream On. Again, he did it well, though I did not feel the final screaming of “dream on” worked as well as it should. It wasn’t bad. But Simon said it was, again eliciting some book from the crowd. Danny is popular and so is Kris, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Adam in the bottom two again as a backlash tto all the pimping they are doing for him.

Finally, Adam and Allison did Foghat’s Slow Ride. A classic I used to love. They did a great job, which was to be expected. Allison and Adam are made for rock tunes. They didn’t disappoint. The judges called them both Rock Gods.

My guess is either Adam will be in the bottom two with Allison or Kris on Wednesday, or it will be Kris and Allison. Danny has never been in the bottom three. But he might be. I guess it’s a toss up,

Another season 5 singer shows up tomorrow. Chris Daughtry is pimping his new CD. So far they had Taylor, Kellie and now Chris from Season 5 this year. I wonder who will be in the finale.

Wow, what a bummer. Allison is gone. She should have been in the finals. Well, she will sing in the finale. And like Daughtry, she will do all right I think. She is too good not to get a deal. Like I said before, though, Kris is a contender. People like him and I think he is really talented. Apparently, the Adam fans stopped being complacent and saved him. But they really need to not hype him so much or he will go the way of Danny Archuleta. As good as he is.

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