American Idol Top 9

No one comments on these American Idol posts so I don’t know if anyone who visits this site cares, but this season is by far the best. None of the finalists are bad. They are all very good to great. Often the judges have nothing to say but that they were impressed by the performances. No one who leaves from this point on will be expected. But tonight, one of the best went home. Pia Toscano. She could sing like she was a new Celine Dion or Whitney Houston. She looks great. She always hits it out of the park. I think she was a victim of her own success. She was so perfect that people probably thought she didn’t need their votes. I certainly thought she was going to be in the top three. But she was also kind of the same every week, so people probably got bored with her.

Now there are only two women left. And at this rate I wouldn’t be surprised if they were vulnerable, though neither was in the bottom three this week. Haley Reinhart has come into her own. Her version of the Janis Joplin classic “Take a Little Piece of my Heart” was like the second coming of Janis. Lauren Alaina has probably become popular with the teens. She is an amazing talent on her own. Her cover of Natural Woman was very good. Even though Jacob Lusk is arguably the best singer they ever had, he’s kind of like Pia in that he is almost too good. So I suspect he may get it next week or the week after. He also made a very foolish comment by taking on Man in the Mirror, but claiming that if he’s in the bottom three its because America can’t look themselves in the mirror. D’oh! Guess who was in the bottom three. Aside from the fact that this was rock week and it’s a soft Michael Jackson song, that was stupid. Like Pia, Jacob is kind of predictable in that he is always so good it becomes rather safe. The people who try different things like Casey may have a better shot at winning.

Speaking of Casey, he chose a perfect song this week by doing Credence Clearwater Revival’s “Have you Ever Seen the Rain”. His voice is similar to John Fogarty’s, but by playing it on a stand up bass he showed himself to be a true original. I think America really loves the guy now since he seems very humble despite his real talent.

UPDATE: Pia got a contract already with Interscope, Jimmy Iovine’s company. They snapped her right up.

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