America's Elites

An excellent article on our ruling class. It helps explain a lot of the things that make no sense these days. The bottom line is the people at the top are fools. No surprise there. Greedy, rapacious fools at that, who are so out of touch, the current mess should come as no surprise.

Most of the world’s problems are due to the careless acts of a few. This has been the case for centuries.

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  1. So, how do you respond when both the rich and the union/activist organizers of the poor form a coalition against the middle class?

    A middle class revolt? Not going to happen – and likely to be counter productive.

    Imposition of confiscatory tax levels on the rich?

    Bingo. The argument against this is it will severely slow growth, but if you're middle class standard of living is getting the snot beat out of it by a government supported by fat cats who join the corporatist junta then you really don't have much to lose.

    The elite need a reason to support smaller government, and I'm sure the low income left would be more than happy to play along.

  2. You would think so. It may come to that. It's pretty sad when Russia, whose economy has really grown, has a flat tax and we have the mess we call the Tax Code which is only gotten radically worse under Obama

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