Annie Leonard: Propagandist for the State

The lies and propaganda churned out by George Soros minions like Annie Leonard, is detestable. Her videos like The Story of Stuff are aimed at trashing capitalism in the guise of making the world “a better place.” The fact is, her films are even more mendacious than Michael Moore’s and that’s saying something. Fortunately, How the World Works has been doing a great job of debunking her as you can see from the above video.

George Soros funds projects like the ones Leonard produces because they are for statism. In a statist society the only corporations with power are those who work with the state to control all aspects of society. That’s how fascism worked. And let’s be frank, statism no matter what term they call it, Socialism, Communism, et al, all ends up as a form of fascism eventually. The larger the state, the less freedom the people have. What she proposes isn’t a free society at all. She is against a free society. A democracy is designed so elites can manipulate the mob to produce the desired result. A constitutional republic has checks and balances to protect the individual and control the power of the politicians.

If the system is corrupt it’s not because corporations exist. It’s because politicians have worked to the advantage of some corporations against the interests of others. It’s called cronyism and it has to be stopped. What people like Soros want is a society where only the elites get to decide what happens. That’s why they churn out propaganda like Leonard’s films. To trick the unsuspecting into agreeing with their agenda.

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  1. I’ve heard so many stories about Soros.

    From all I’ve heard, if there is a man on Earth who is closest to being the Anti-Christ, it just might be George Soros!

    You try to find good but this guy has just done so many rotten things in his adult life. He’s really screwed a lot of people.

    The guy’s seriously evil or demented or both.

    I cannot for the life of me figure how a man who was a survivor of the Holocaust could be so greedy, vain, and self-centered. Everything he does is for his own benefit including destabilizing/devaluing currencies and undermining societies.

    For crying out loud, 14-years-old or not, he helped Nazi guards round up the valuables of other Jews to save his own skin!

    I don’t think I buy the whole “he was just 14” some people use.

    A coward goes against his own family and ethnic group like that…

    I knew better when I was 14, Nazis or not. We all could have done rotten things at that age but most of with decent upbringing and good families don’t sell our relatives out to bad guys.

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