Another Deadline Missed

Obamacare Watch, Day 984,938,030: According to Ace, the Dems didn’t get a CBO score tonight like they were expecting which means a vote this weekend is unlikely, which means another deadline has been passed. Other Dems like James Clyburn (D-S.C.) said this could go till Easter.

The longer this drags out, the less likely this monstrosity will pass. Because the politician’s poll numbers are dropping each day this goes on. Obama is underwater with Gallup now, one of the most favorable of the polls out there for the Prez.

Everyday this farce continues, the Democrats are destroying their brand. And Obama didn’t do himself any favors by going on Fox today and telling one bald faced lie after another.

We live in the age if the internet. People can immediately fact check or go to a blog that has. The MSM may not be willing to do their job but the public is. Especially since they are tired of being lied to.

I am still not certain what the outcome will be since they seem to be willing to do whatever they they they can to get it done, but if they do pass this mess, heads will roll. Already states are passing laws to ban it and lawsuits are being prepared.

When I predicted Dem Doom at the beginning of the year it may have been a understatement. Speaking of which, my predictions for this year are looking pretty solid so far.

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