Another Fanatical Obama Czar

Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings feels it’s wrong that heterosexuality is promoted in schools and wants homosexuality taught starting in kindergarten. This is the guy who praised NAMBLA member Harry Hay who is an advocate for pedophilia.

I don’t have a problem with homosexuals, but I don’t think it should be taught in grade school. Obama seems to be hiring people based on how much of a zealot they are (or Valerie Jarrett as the case may be). Forcing sexuality on children before they discover their sexuality is wrong.

Frankly, the way he acts as if there is something wrong with heterosexuality, which none of us would exist without, is fundamentally insane. Par for the course with Obama czars.

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  1. They want to promote homosexuality as being “normal” standard behavior for society. And unfortunately their PC mindset won’t allow them to even consider that it’s not the norm for society in general. Ofcourse, everyone’s to scared to look into that fact for some reason.

    And speaking of NAMBLA, how is it that most people fail to notice that nearly all child sex abuse cases are commited by gay men? I’m not saying all gay men are abusers, but there is a significant number of such crimes committed by such people. But this is yet another good example of the things we’re not supposed to talk about or research when it comes to homosexuality.

  2. I did’nt say they werent raped as well either. But when you hear about priests, teachers, and parents who do this stuff they usually turn out to be gay men. I mean the fact that an organization like NAMBLA exists should be a big indicator of this.

  3. Well, the media really hyped the catholic priest thing so much it made it sound like all priests were like that. I think a lot of sexual molesting of girls is going unreported. I don’t think there are any reliable stats either way.

  4. I think I’m with TJ on this, Hud…

    The difference is that the media seems to equate molestation of girls as being a bigger crime than molestation of boys. It’s equally horrific for both sexes and equally humiliating for the victims of both sexes.

    I do think that for the mainstream homosexuals to be more tolerated and respected they have to distance themselves from and condemn both NAMBLA and pedophilia in general. Some individuals do but the group as a whole is severely lacking in tackling this issue for a variety of reasons. Personal and group responsibility does not seem to be a big part of their priorities unfortunately and the childish behavior I’ve observed firsthand does not fill me with great confidence…

    The fact that we’re not hearing so much on this issue from the gay PAC groups and more prominent individuals in general speaks volumes. When it does get brought up they get defensive, declare homophobia on everybody else, drag out the whole “but straight guys molest little girls” and dodge the whole NAMBLA/pedophilia issue altogether. They really do hurt their own cause.

    That said, no question Jennings has to go. I want all the other czars to disappear, too, and get back to the principle of vetted appointments of people who are qualified for those positions and not just campaign donors and hardline ideologues. I don’t like all the lawbending and looney tunes showing up in government positions who wouldn’t be there if times were more sane — who definitely wouldn’t be there if we actually held all liberals and conservatives to the same standards. I’m sorry, but we’re letting the first elected black president get away with far more than his predecessors. I was concerned about his Chicago affiliations and those concerns have proven to be founded and it’s amazing what this liar is getting away with.

    This is Machiavelli manipulation at its worst and the sooner this administration is out of power, the better.

  5. Just another czar who would never have made it through any sort of vetting process. And wasn’t Jennings the guy who found out one of his high school students had been homosexually raped and just told him “I hope you used a condom”…? I guess it wasn’t “rape-rape.”

    It’s simply true that there is a there is a lot more acceptance in the gay world for older men/underage relationships. Living in San Francisco and reading papers such as the Advocate tips you off to that pretty quick. And one can note that there is not, nor has ever been, a heterosexual version of NAMBLA. Such an organization would be shut down so fast there’d be nothing but hard vacuum left behind.
    One problem I have with all this teaching of kids about sex at younger and younger ages is it leads to obvious stresses in their development. They’re told from the time they’re 9 or 10 all about it, how is natural and okay and enjoyable and they should feel free to be who they are sexually blah blah blah…then told “Oh, yeah–forgot to mention this…you can’t do anything until you’re 18.”
    Of course, I’m of the old fashioned persuasion that thinks schools need to go back to teaching NOTHING but readin’, writin’, and ‘rithmatic.

  6. All I know is this guy is a radical and this administration is going to make Democrats radioactive for decades if there is any justice in the universe. But of course, there isn’t or they would have been by now.

    People need to start calling for Obama to resign. If enough voices say it on both sides, it could happen. Of course, there is the Biden problem.

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