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A reader of Hell’s Reward had this to say on Amazon today.

An ancient Chinese proverb states, The Journey Is the Reward. Well that’s how I felt when I finished Age Of Heroes. Because this book takes you on a wonderful journey through the richly fleshed out universe of Xera.

We meet fascinating characters along the way, each with their own stories to tell. We learn of their flaws, their weaknesses, all the empathetic qualities that make us root for them in their struggle against the uprising of the dark Hordes of the Unwen. Backstories and histories that span decades and centuries are expertly woven together so that seemingly disparate moments take on altogether more significance as this rich, layered story of a burgeoning unknown evil unfolds. A story of characters that are rich-picking for translation to the big screen!

But what makes Hell’s Reward a real page turner, aside from the great, distinct characters and rich tapestry of history, is the unmistakable feeling of intent on the part of the writer. No line is wasted. No page cast aside. Everything is clearly there for a purpose, guiding us expertly down a fated path to some hellishly demonic climax. And its impossible not to keep turning the page to discover just how hellish is the fate that lies in store for our heroes.

Hell’s Reward is everything a fantasy fan looks for, but packed with original ideas that puts it ahead of the pack with a textured universe that refuses to continuously retread standard fantasy tropes. And it’s exploring that universe where the book excels as we follow the heroes on their unknown quest every step of the way.

As that clever Chinese fellow once said- The Journey is the (Hell’s) Reward!

Glad to hear people are loving the book. Sales are picking up and I saw that it now gets recommended to fantasy readers. Cool!

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