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  1. If the Nobel Peace Prize wasn’t a joke before, it officially is now.

    Obama has done NOTHING to improve the situation in the world. If anything, his kow-towing to dictators, complete lack of any real resolve and direction has made the world more dangerous.

    Bravo, Obama.

    You win the Bart Simpson Award.

    Mediocrity, waffling, and lying do indeed trump true excellence and integrity.

    The Man of Steel has been replaced by a Man With No Spine…

    P.S. —

    Hud, I go to school with a lot of Black kids. They have NO CLUE why Obama was awarded the Nobel Prize but seem to think it’s okay because he’s the first Black President of the US (or any major Western country for that matter!) and that it’s somehow due to him just because of that.

    It’s pathetic, shallow reasoning but I have to keep my mouth shut for the sake of class harmony. I will probably also have to work with some of these guys on future class projects.

    Granted, I’m ten years older than most of the kids in my class but my Mama didn’t raise a fool, either, even if I think she voted for the wrong guy in the last election.

    Keep in mind these past Nobel actions, too —

    Reagan didn’t win a Nobel Prize, either, but probably did more than any President before him to end the Soviet Union and give hope to Eastern Europe… and yet the same stupid Prize committee gave the award to Gorbachev on the eve of the night he sent in Soviet troops to quell uprisings in the Baltic states. Leftists love Iron Men — even if they have broken more than a few skulls and killed thousands of their fellow countrymen, too.

    Remember that Al Gore also won even though he’s consistently lied over the years and it’s becoming more apparent to more people that many of the Green politicians are in the eco-movement just to earn money on investments they’ve made in alternative energy companies. How, in any event, is just being an Eco-Naut good enough to win a Prize that should be for diplomacy?????

    The Nobel Peace Prize really is a sham… the ultimate expression of the same dumb unmeaningless popularity contests we’ve all put up with since grade school. Unfortunately, our world is still full of people that accept these awards at face value instead of questioning why certain choices were made and what the true political implications and fallout of these Prizes are…

    The Nobel Numbskulls really only embolden the dicators of the world…

  2. I just found out that the selection is made February 1st. Which meant Obama had only been in office for two weeks when he was chosen.
    It’s nauseating.

  3. Mark Evanier Tweeted thusly: “Barack Obama just won the Nobel Prize for his greatest contribution to world peace: Not being George W. Bush.”

    I’m pretty sure he’s not wrong.

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