Another Insane Democrat

These people are becoming cartoons. They seem to have no idea how absurd they are.

Brooklyn Assemblyman Felix Ortiz has introduced legislation to eliminate the use of salt “in any form” in preparing food in every restaurant in the state — a move similar to Mayor Bloomberg’s efforts to change people’s eating habits, including reducing salt intake. Ortiz bill calls for a ban on salt.

Under Ortiz’s proposal, a customer’s only chance for a taste-bud sensation would be once the meal actually arrives at the table.
Then, the diner could heap out the sodium aplenty — but only then.

“This legislation will give customers the option to add salt after the meal has been prepared for them,” the bill reads.

“In this way, consumers have more control over the amount of sodium they intake, and are given the option to exercise healthier diets and healthier lifestyles.”
Ortiz, a Democrat, insisted to The Post that there isn’t a fine structure built into the bill yet, despite reports that levies for illegal uses of salt could end up totaling up to $1,000 per wave of the shaker.

Aside from the fact that a lack of salt in cooking makes the food taste bland, it’s a food preservative and our body requires it. Some people need a low salt diet, but to force it on everyone is the worst kind of nanny state fascism.

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  1. Beck had a great example on one of his “chalk talks.” (I’m paraphrasing from it.) He drew the upside-down “pyramid of power” going from anarchy to total government. He then took pictures of Ahmadinajad and someone else, I think it was Hitler. He pointed out “Guys like this exist, and will always exist, and they devote their lives to getting into power. Now, if they get into power in a government size down here, at the bottom, they can’t cause much trouble. But if they get into power up here, we have a problem.” Then he pointed out Big Government fans like liberals have not thought of something, and he put a picture of Reagan at the top. “If you build a big government, it’s there to be used by anyone who can take control of it.”
    I remember making that point to liberals back during the Clinton era, but liberals always believe in the 1000 Year Reich–once they take over, nothing will ever change.

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