Another Palin Attack Scam

The shouters in the crowd have been outed as Obama and pro-abortion supporters. The degree to which the left has attacked Palin is beyond the pale. Obviously, they fear her. Why else would they attack someone out of office who is only promoting a book? It shows you how desperate they are. They know their policies are failing and their lies are being exposed.

With the president polling south of 50% approval, they have every chance of losing power in a big way next year and they know it. Sarah Palin is a potential leader of the opposition and they want to discredit her as much as possible. It seems, however, as usual, they are over playing their hand.

She has higher favorables now than Obama.

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  1. How do you figure that the guy whose site you linked to is pro-abortion? The Personhood movement appears to be pro-life, on the basis of a cursory look. Weirdly, this guy seems to consider Sarah to be insufficiently anti-abortion.

    None of this means that the chanters in the video weren’t just anti-Palinites rather than disgruntled Palinistas, but you shouldn’t make factually inaccurate claims.

  2. This post makes no sense. If the media revealed the Palin protestors to be secret Obama supporters, then link to that article, or at least provide some quotes. The existing link just suggests that you’re easily confused.

  3. We love sara keep your meaness comming…Shes going to crush democrats from sea to shining sea..Haaa Haaa moose girls rock!

  4. Yelling at her at a book signing seems kind of pointless to me. I sincerely doubt that Palin cares one whit about her detractors.

    Of course, the people who are showing up in protest would obviously be pro-Obama people (or at least side more with him than with her) – that would just seem to be common sense.

    With all the ghostwriting, canned speeches on both sides here, this is becoming much more like the Bill Hicks lesson in politics by the day:

    Person 1: “I think the puppet on the left shares my my beliefs.”

    Person 2: “I think the puppet on the right shares my beliefs.”

    Person 3: “Hey, waitaminute! They’re both controlled by the same guy-”

    Government operative (escorting person #3 out): “Go back to bed, America, everything is under control.”

    • Addendum to previous post; replied while reading this post and had not read the link yet; I have now, and wanted to repost.

      It’s kind of childish and dumb to resort to what these folks were doing. Even if you are not a Palin supporter (and I’m not), it’s a low road technique that does not reflect well.

  5. I agree Web guy, it’s stupid and in poor taste, not to mention ineffective. Like those people who snuck into the Republican convention and kept interrupting McCain’s acceptance speech.

    It really gets me how the left is so crazed over her. She is out of power and just slinging a book. They must be seriously afraid of her to go to the extent they have to try to bring her down.

  6. Re: Palin and her critics:

    Maybe it’s just me, but, when one wants to make a legitimate stance against someone (not just make a few jokes on a late night talk show, which, in the end, is just nightly entertainment fodder anyway), it’s generally a good idea to have (or to at least believe one has) integrity and the ethical and moral upper hand. If one’s point is valid, it should stand on its own, and not need to be couched in faux-“cloak & dagger” media tactics or public screaming fits.

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