Apple to the Comics Rescue?

Apple Computers was once on the brink, now they are going like gangbusters even in this economy. And as I reported earlier, the Apple Tablet computer may be something that can help save the comics industry.

Now there are new indications that they may be getting into the comics distribution business. And not a moment too soon. With major shakeups at DC and Marvel, where the new managers may elect to drop the direct market entirely, this opens the door for a new place for comics to go.

There is only one distributor to the direct market anymore, and Diamond is on shaky financial ground from what I hear. Marvel just got bought by Disney, DC just got taken over by Warner Pictures, neither may be interested in staying in the direct market which would kill off Diamond. Leaving nowhere for everyone else to go except trades to book stores. And web comics.

But it looks like a new market may be aborning. And not a moment too soon.

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  1. I’ve gotta admit it, Hud.

    I love superheroes and other comics in general but I AM SO UTTERLY BORED BY THE CURRENT MARKET!

    If I had the cash, I would buy mostly Masterworks and Archives reprints because the current crossovers and monthly gossip rehashes just don’t interest me.

    I’m entering a second month where I really don’t see myself buying much of anything — certainly nothing from DC or Marvel.

    The system needs to change but I am afraid we’re not ready for as radical a change as you suggest. Yes, I hate the Diamond monopoly but what happens when the current model goes bye-bye? Hopefully, we’re talking at least a few years of transition to get people used to it instead of pulling the rug from underneath them. That won’t work well and could effectively kill the market that’s left in the US.

    The problem with Apple — and I say this now working off of a refurbished, upgraded old Power Mac that will have to make room for a more up-to-date (Intel-based) system in the near-future — is the cost of their product. If it weren’t for the reliability and generally better build of their product, their hardware costs would do them in. It’s ridiculous that I can still buy a PC for generally $500 or less equivalent to a Mac when the guts and insides of both machines are generally the same! Can Apple throw a bone to the regular joe who doesn’t have a Fortune 500 job? Apple is nowhere near as snobbish as Abercrombie & Fitch and not as elitist as most designer clothing but there are times I wonder if they think they’re designing for the millionaires or middle class…

    As it is, the web is still a joke for comics and nobody’s come up with a good model to pay bills and actually makes the web work for them.

    I currently am on the last week of a free month for Marvel’s digital subscription service and other than getting a few things offline I’m not impressed… I just don’t feel the need to go back and use the viewer. I hate it. Digital just isn’t a good way for me to read comics now.

    On the other hand, the 32-page periodical is so uneconomical beyond belief that it needs to die for good…

  2. The price of comics are killing the direct market, and the direct market is also dying because there is no competition and Diamond is not florishing or helping to make it possible for the little guys to survive. They cut off small fry left and right.

    So that leaves other medium to save comics. I think this is a viable option. Younger generations will not be so married to the paper comic so they will adapt easily.

    And the tablet computers will become very cheap, Apple will just be one maker of them.

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