Are you Creeped Out Yet?

Obama indoctrination of the kids continues with this utterly bogus anti-capitalist propaganda film by the left wing Tides Foundation, which supplied a lot of Obama’s cabinet people. It tells one lie after another and is being shown in schools all over the US.

Meanwhile, this kind of stuff is also going on

And today Obama apologized for America to the UN before telling Israel they’re screwed. He’s not on their side at all. Naturally Fidel Castro praised him. When you have communist dictators praising you, the debate about your politics is over.

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  1. I saw that film on Lou Dobbs the other day… (Dobbs is the only program worth watching on CNN.)

    Utterly disturbing and completely one-sided.

    The person who funded this film to teach kids has no shame…

    It should be pulled from circulation and filed under “P” for pure propaganda.

    No wonder kids are coming out of public schools with mush-filled heads today!

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