Yes, it’s my birthday, so I think I’ll just take the day off from writing part two of that piece. I will finish it tomorrow.

Had a red velvet cake today because I never had one and I was curious. It was great but too much sugar for me. It had cream cheese frosting.

I can’t believe all the birthday wishes I got on facebook this week! I woke up to 40 messages and they kept coming in all day. I tried to answer all of them. Thanks, everyone.

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  1. So, I’m reading about Tiger Woods and his foul mouth (don’t know why, who cares) but I saw your name on the page and just had to check you out. My grandfather was James Preston Hudnall. As you know, not many Hudnalls around. Anyway, hello and I hope you had a happy birthday. Mine is the 17th…maybe I’ll have red velvet cake along with the pitcher of margaritas I plan on consuming!

  2. Happy Birthday to you!

    Hopefully, saying that phrase isn’t copyrighted like the song is!

    (BTW, who owns the song now? Isn’t it somebody that doesn’t really need the cash now???)

  3. Mine’s on Monday. 50! It’s official: I’m an old man now. But I plan to be a Clint Eastwood old man who tells kids to get off my lawn by using a shotgun instead of waving a cane.

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