Back From L.A.

I was up in Los Angeles all day meeting with my manager about possible Hollywood projects. I haven’t spent much time in L.A. in a while so I made a point of visiting my favorite Cuban Restaurant while I was there. Versailles. I haven’t been there in years and I’ve been dreaming of their Lechon Asado. There is no better Cuban roast pork dish that I have tasted anywhere. Really amazing. And it was worth the wait (even though service there is really fast). I have searched high and low fpor a restaurant as good as Versailles when it comes to Cuban food but nothing so far comes close. Even ones I’ev been to in Florida. I wish they had one in Vegas.

Anyway, the meeting went well. I plan on going back to L.A. soon to check out the burger at Father’s Office. I’ve seen it discussed on the Food Network and I gotta try one.

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  1. Big fan of your blog James. I live in Santa Monica and agree on Versaillies being the best Cuban Restaurant. Fathers office is right down the street from me. I like their burgers but wish they had ketchup for their fries. What’s the deal with that!

    Glad to hear your still working on getting a deal done for some of your projects. I’m a big fan of your Espers comics. Does anyone have the option on the series?

  2. That’s one of the topics of discussion. It’s been optioned for TV twice. Enough time has passed since the last one that we can take it out again.

    I also hope to have some news on other projects I can relate soon.

    The chef who created the burger at Father’s Office banned ketchup from there because he feels the burgers and fries should be eaten as is. I am anxious ti try his burger. Next time I am in town, I will.

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