Back from Waco

I’ve been offline for over six weeks mainly because the place I was living, the VA CLC in Waco, TX (CLC = Community Living Center) did not have Wifi or Internet except for the staff. Such a strange six weeks it was too.

As I outlined before, I lost my foot on Halloween due to an infection and have been getting medical care since while it heals. I had complications with the wound and had to get regular, even daily wound care. Since I was out of work and homeless to boot, the CLC was a place I could stay and get the help I needed for awhile. I needed to stop bleeding money paying for motel rooms while I was looking for a place to live. I spent so much time at the VA I never found a place, and I couldn’t work because I was seeing doctors all the time. The CLC was a way to keep me off the streets and get care.

But it’s not a resort. The Waco CLC is a nursing care home in an old 1950s building where they have vets who need nursing care and they threw in mental health patents as well, so it was like being in an institution with bad food (make that horrible) and hard beds which you rarely got to sleep in anyway because they were always coming around to check on you, give you meds, take your vitals, etc. It was considered a hospital to the staff, but they also had different programs there and a kind of rec room of sorts. The staff was nice but that was only one of the few rays of sunshine there. The VA was not spending much money on these vets care. Many of them had lost their mind in Vietnam. Or were disabled. I was hardly the only amputee there.

I wanted out almost as soon as I got there but I knew I had to take my lumps because I needed the care. But I found I couldn’t eat the food and the lack of sleep was making me really long for a real bed and peace and quiet. The staff and patients were always yelling in the halls and one guys only means of communication was screaming incoherently. He would do that a lot at meal time in the room where they fed us and had to be fed like a baby by a nurse. Other people left TVs on loudly all night in their rooms. Or they had huge hacking coughs or they would babble stuff to themselves. The first three days I was there I was in a room with a blind and deaf paranoid 80+ year old man who constantly talked when he wasn’t sleeping and you had to yell to communicate with him. He would get mad if you asked him not to talk because you needed sleep. He would just talk more and the stuff he said was absolutely nuts.

Fortunately, people have been helping me by donating to my fund and a charity called the Hero Initiative is also helping me with the costs of getting a motel room in a long term stay place across from the Temple, Texas VA hospital. So yesterday I got out of the CLC and into my new one bedroom where I have a little kitchen and a living room and it’s quiet and peaceful. I still have at least a month or more of healing to do. So I need to stay here until then. I can’t get a prosthetic foot and walk again until I heal. At least now I can relax and get back online. I have plenty of time to work on my novels.

If you want to help me by donating to my fund so I can pay some bills or buy food here’s the link. Or please support the Hero Initiative who have been great.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me to date, I am so grateful you have no idea. I feel blessed despite my many hardships.

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