Back to Work

My leg has healed and I am not waiting for a prosthetic which is being made for me. They tell me its about three to six months before I can walk again without assistance. The new legs are very advanced. They are basically bionic on a crude scale but still very advanced. They have microprocessors which control the hydraulics in the knee and so on. They have to be powered every night while you sleep so alas, they aren’t easy to use in case of nuclear war or a zombie apocalypses. But they do work even if the power dies, just not as well.

I will get two legs. A less advanced one for learning on which will be my spare, and a more advanced one when I am ready for it. I really look forward to walking again, let me tell you. I am sick and tired of being in a wheelchair. I did not expect to be here that long.

Anyway, I am starting to look for work again. I am also getting back to my writing after almost a year of not doing much because my mood was not there. But I am getting back into the spirit, working on my Age of Heroes followup to Hell’s Reward. And also my superhero series which I have been thinking about for almost 20 years now. I am not thrilled at all with the comics I see today. This is partially my answer to that even though it will be a series of novels.

I also have various comics projects in the works including a series I am in the middle of finding an artist for right now. It is also a superhero series and I hope it will shake things up because i am bored to death with the stuff I am seeing from the majors these days. They seem to have gone off their rocker. But it’s not my problem. I am going to do what I want, the way I think it should be done. We’ll see how people respond.

There is a lot of things that need to be said, need to be told. And I’m really to do it.

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