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  1. Mrbee3209 sounds like he’s burnt out and bored by modern special FX.

    I for one have been looking forward to this since I heard about it a year ago. Finally a movie where US Marines are actually the GOOD GUYS and NOT INCOMPETANT!! Maybe there’s hope for Hollywood after all and someday theyll come out with a movie where Islamist Terrorist are portrayed as really truely evil bad guys! 😀

    • Skyline was a huge disappointment, It looked great but what’s the point of movie like that when there is no point to the story (hint: it ends badly for humans). The same FX people worked on this. But different writers. I expect this to be much better.

      • Yeah, I think these FX guys were almost sued by the makers of Battle LA for apparantly trying to rip-off the story of the movie they just help make. Basically replacing Marines with yuppie hipsters who do nothing but watch the invasion happen from their posh penthouse. Gee I wonder why that other movie sucked.

    • Nah, it’s just I’m from metaphorical Missouri when there’s an invasion movie made by today’s Hollywood. Jason Apuzzo is, rightly I think, worried that this is yet another repackaging of the “invading people is bad” and “how would you like it” message which Hollywood thinks is vital to get across to the American public.


      If they wanted to do a solid Alien invasion flick, they should have chosen something classic, like “Footfall” for example.


      • Well they worked closely with the USMC for this movie. In fact, many of the Helicopters and Gunships you see are the real deal flown by actual marines. I believe the US military won’t work this closely with a film maker if the movie being made is going to show the military in a bad light.

      • Also if I had to worry about every alien invasion plot movie coming out being political I don’t think I’d ever enjoy watching movies again. They’re high tech yet mindlessly violent aliens, what do you expect them to do except “colonise” the Earth by killing everyone in sight? At least it’s not blatantly left-wing like Avatar was.

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