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  1. The one “turn off” I have with Glenn Beck is that he’s still one of these conservatives that things video games = mass murdering teenagers. Which I don’t get because he doesnt seem to mind shows like The Sopranos. Other than that, I’m glad there are people like him out there with the balls to tell the truth.

  2. I’ve long since realized that I’m never going to agree 100% with pretty much anyone, including Albert Einstein. “The perfect is the enemy of the good.”
    Beck is the ONLY person out there with a big audience who is getting out well-researched facts in an easy to digest manner. I’m not a religious person but his occasional heartfelt appeals to God don’t bother me at all when he’s doing things like revealing the tangled web of the Apollo Project or Obama’s unconstitutional use of czars in place of Congress-vetted appointees. 40% of his cabinet post are empty. And why not? What’s his motivation to appoint people whose backgrounds will be revealed in public, and who will be accountable to people other than himself?
    If Beck gets over-excited about this sort of thing, I’m willing to cut him some slack. These are things that, to quote Glen,”should make blood shoot out of our eyes.”

  3. I guess Mark Levin doesn’t like hinm because he has been saying similar stuff on hi radio show. But they’re on the same side.

    What gets me are Bush haters who refuse to see how much worse Obama is when it comes to staling the people’s rights. They obviously weren’t serious.

  4. See the new post at Drudge about how they want to extend Emperor Uh-O’s power to declare a state of emergency on the Internet?

    What kind of power don’t they want to give next to this Administration? Ridiculous!

    The Extreme Left don’t know Fascists in their midsts…

    Good news is that not all Liberals are comfortable with Obama. There was a retired Democratic pollster on Beck (FNN) that expressed concerns about the extreme hate and lack of reason on the Dominant Left in today’s Democratic Party.

    You can’t reason with this people… You have to make a case to the average voter that we’re much better off kicking these bums out of office and voting in people who have respect for BOTH the Constitution and the voters of this country.

    Respect for anything and anyone outside of their sounding room in DC is something sorely lacking in Congress… That’s more and more obvious any time the Conyers, Spectors, and Boxers open up their mouths.

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