Biding My Time

Healing from my leg wound is a long slow process, and its coming along but the days are ticking by. I haven’t worked since October, mainly because I am house bound for all intents and purposes and can’t interview for jobs other than by teleconference. Temple is a small town so there are no web developer jobs here. I am looking at April at the earliest before I can get back to looking for work. So the donations I have received from my fund and the help of theHero Initiative has kept me going. I can’t appreciate it enough.

When March comes to a close I will have to start worrying about finding a place to live again and figuring out how to get by until I get back into the work force. Until then I am working on my two novels and doing my best to keep my spirits up, I have a nurse come and see me three times a week and I made a couple of friends around here tough I don’t see them much. It’s been a long lonely time, but that god for the internet and Facebook. I can keep in touch with people that way and of course, by phone.

There is also the possibility of remote work. That’s where I can work from wherever I have an internet connection. More of those types of jobs re becoming a reality which is great. I hope to land one if I can.

Meanwhile, I hope to have some good news soon on a project. More on that later.

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