Big Government Destroys Economies

I’ve been to a couple former Communist countries and I have seen what decades of big government statism does to places. It’s ugly. And it’s happening here. Some cities in the US have become like third world free fire zones. Police and fire are cut to the bone. States are going bankrupt. Cities may do it sooner. And the ones in the worst shape have been run by the statist party for Decades. The Democrats. Not that Republicans are perfect. We have seen than they aren’t. But when Democrats have control they ruin economies. A good example comes from the new census which reports people are leaving blue states for red states. They’re doing that largely because Dem run states are anti-business, and what you get is less jobs, less opportunities, more taxes and regulations. People want out.

This CBS report on the “Day of Reckoning” is an eye opener. States across the US are going to have to deal with reality sooner rather than later.

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  1. Politicians and human beings in general only consider the short-term.

    People who have grown up in unionized states and Democratic-run states (usually the same thing!) have been so indoctrinated by the time they graduate high school that it’s hard for them to think of the alternatives to Democrats as more than “scum” or “greedy dirtbags” unless the alternative is farther left and “feels nicer” — ie, the Green Party, Socialist Party, etc. There are generally fewer people that escape that brain-washing or have been lucky to go through schools where the teachers AREN’T politically active in class and ENCOURAGING blind obedience to the Democrats or some late 1960s or early 1970s B.S.!

    I was lucky to grow up in a state that’s split nearly 50/50 but was generally more conservative until the last governor or two F’ed it up. The hardline, Lefty Democrats definitely want Ohio to follow the route of New York and California. Yes, they’re that stupid!

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