The Secrets of Writing Panel at Comic Con

I will be teaching my well received writing panel at Comic Con this year. Here’s the Info. It will be on Sunday.

Acclaimed comics writer James Hudnall (Harsh Realm, Espers, The Age of Heroes, Lex Luthor: The Unauthorized Biography) explains the secrets to better writing and making a story that matters and reveals seven key secrets that can turn an ordinary story into something special. He is joined by author Dr. Terry Cronin (The Skinvestigator, Students of the Unusual) for a discussion on how to make the most of your fiction.
Sunday July 27, 2014 4:00pm – 5:00pm
Room 30CDE

Hope to see you there.

The Leftovers – Partially Warmed Over

The Leftovers is a new HBO show with an interesting premise, What if an event like The Rapture happened and 2 percent of the world population disappeared. The series follows what happens to other people left behind. It’s set in a small town so it can focus on a community. You can watch the whole thing for free here. They are streaming the first episode for free.

To be honest I was pretty bored through a lot of it because of Lindenhof’s (the show runner) penchant for mystery over substance, but as it reached the climax of the episode it started to get interesting. Basically up until the end of the episode people left behind had been in a three year grace period where things went on pretty much like before. But now, it’s about to get real. There are several mysterious cults up to what may be no good. One of them is a Heaven’s Gate type group that dresses all in white, doesn’t speak and chain smokes as part of their religion. Another group is out in a desert compound and seems quasi Koresh-like.

I’ll watch it for awhile to see if it gets better. I have to give them credit, it’s a clever idea for a show that’s fairly original.

RIP Bobby Womack

One of the greatest singer/songwriters of the 70s is gone at age 70. The following song is one of my all time favorites, a powerful story if despair from Harlem in the early 70s which was extremely rough. This story has so much passion and feeling, it holds a lot of songs of the ghetto to shame. Sorry to see you go, Bobby.

Blue Cat now on Comixology!

The first issue of Blue Cat is now on Comixology. It’s part of Issue 2 of Aces Weekly. Future episodes will be available in the near future there, or you can read them on Aces Weekly at their website.

Blue Cat is a series I’m doing with Val Mayerik about a young girl who is haunted by a dead cat that leads her on strange adventures. Check it out!


2 To the Chest is Done!


After 8 years the 2 to the Chest comics project is finally completed. The last page has been turned in. I am happy to say I can now start to plan a trade and perhaps a series. I will be talking to some potential publishers at San Diego Comicon next month and see what my options are. I will get it out one way or another.

Here’s is the cover for the 5th and final issue. You can read more about the comic here.

2 to the Chest Almost Finished

There’s only one page left to go on the final issue of 2 To the Chest. Jose Aviles sent me the rough today and it looked great. I am very excited to finally have this book in the can. I started this book ten years ago and financed it all myself. It’s been a long project because I had my share of setback in those years and had to put the book aside a few times. But I never gave up wanting to finish it and I really appreciate Jose sticking with me and not abandoning the book.

It will be great to have it all collected. I am reviewing my options and will make a decision on how I will approach this shortly. Watch this space.

REVIEW: Edge of Tomorrow

I just came back from Edge of Tomorrow and I really enjoyed it. The film is sort of a mix of Groundhog Day and War of the Worlds. Tom Cruise plays a total coward who has to fight in D-Day battle where our side loses against alien invaders. The kick is by killing a alpha alien he gets the power to reset his day each time he dies. It’s how the aliens kept winning, they could correct their mistakes, now Cruise has their power and they want it back.

The problem for Cruise is only two people believe him. Somehow they have to win the war on their own. It’s very fun, action packed and engaging. It kept my attention the whole time which is rare these days. Most films don’t do that. Recommended.

Latest News

San Diego Comicon is coming next month and I will be teaching my Secrets of Writing panel there. It will be an hour lo g and I will talk about some of the new material which will be in the book I am hoping to get out before then.

Also, Jose Aviles is one page away from finishing 2 To the Chest. I am trying to decide the exact plan but I am looking at putting it out as a graphic novel. Keep checking this space.

As for my two novels this year, I am obviously behind on Diogenes. I decided to take as much time as I needed and not chase a deadline I set for myself. So they will come out when they are ready but I am hoping both Diogenes and the Age of Heroes: Heaven’s War will be out this year.

I will try to post more frequently on this blog. I have been so busy I haven’t had time but I will make the effort. Sorry for the delay in postings.