Heavy Metal #267 On Sale Next Week


Mark Vigouroux and I did a Thracius Story appearing in the next issue of Heavy Metal, on sale next week. Look for it! Thracius is the story of a Roman scout who encounters strangeness on the frontiers of the empire. We have a followup story scheduled for a future issue of Aces Weekly as well.

Secrets of Writing Delayed Two Weeks

I’ve been extra extra busy the last month which is one reason I don’t post that often lately. And as a result I am behind on my final draft of the Secrets of Writing. I expect to get it out in two weeks. So I will miss the deadline I had of this Friday.

This book will collect my essays on writing and will also contain new material as well, that will reveal some more secrets I have learned and explain what it means to ind your voice. Something a lot of books fail to explain.


Good News of the Day

I just got my San Diego Comic con pro registration so I will be at this years con again. But in other news…

Blue Cat #4 will be in the next issue of Aces Weekly. You won’t have to wait to see what happens next., Blue Cat #3 just ended this week in Aces. Val Mayerik and I are continuing the strip where it left off. The first part will debut in February 18th. Don’t miss it!

Mike Barr in Talks to Join Fortan Media

Comics legend and my old Ultraverse co-founder and friend Mike Barr is having discussions with me about publishing a fantasy novel under the Fortan Media imprint. We’re excited to add him to the roster of talent. Mike would be the first official writer to join, even though I have several others planning to do so soon.

Mike has been doing comics for awhile and he has written plenty of prose. He’s been working on this novel for awhile and it’s ready to go.

Once a Wizard is the exciting story of John North, a retired Magus and former member of a mystic order. North is now a middle-aged father, whose daughter is kidnapped by the members of his former order for purposes unknown. To rescue his daughter and to determine their plan, North must reawaken his atrophied mystic talents and travel the world, acquiring as he does so a cadre of colorful followers. Once a Wizard is set in a fantasy world which is not overly romanticized — no elves, no unicorns — but is recovering from the devastating effects of a war of magic-users a generation earlier. Once a Wizard is to some degree a classic “quest” fantasy that contains elements of urban fantasy.

We’re discussing scheduling and covers. I’m excited. More info will be forthcoming soon.

My Next Novel: Diogenes


Behold the cover to my next novel, Diogenes. Diogenes is the first in a new series of Superhero novels for adults. The series is called The Secret Team, and deals with how super humans would radically change the world as we know it if they existed, but more importantly, would upset the status quo. Diogenes is the story of a homeless philosophy professor who was fired for his politics and mysteriously gains powers that make him the most dangerous man alive. Because he can reveal the truth about people, it makes him a wanted man.

This is a series I’ve been thinking about for 20 years and I’m very excited about it.

Coming in April from Fortan Media. A introductory chapter will be available for download in February.

Thracius in Heavy Metal

I’m excited to announce Heavy Metal magazine will be publishing our 8 page Thracius story which I did with Mark Vigouroux. It will be in the next issue, 267. We are also starting a new Thracius story in Aces Weekly. Here’s the promo art. I can’t wait to see it live.


Tracius the the story of a Roman scout in the year zero AD. He has to investigate things on the fringes of the Roman empire and he has bizarre adventures. Thracius is looking for a society he can belong to. Even though he works for Rome, he is not a Roman and wants to be free. Free of a society where they have slaves. In the process of his search he discovers such a place may only be a dream but he doesn’t stop looking.

Game of Thrones Season 4

It should be great since its covering the second half of the third book which is arguably the best one.

The Unknown Known Trailer

I’ve been an Errol Morris fan since his The Thin Blue Line came out in the 80s. So I can’t wait to see this one. Rumsfeld is a very enigmatic and smart character. I’ll never forget him showing up in a Milton Friedman seminar, arguing with him as a businessman. He has an amazing history way before he got involved with the Bush presidency.